English information

Hey everybody!

Thanks for dropping by. As you can see, most of my homepage is written in German, but here, I’ll try to provide you with every information my English speaking readers might need.

The most important stuff first: You can contact me via the ‚Kontakt‘-form on my website (as you might have guessed). There, you’ll have to check a small box agreeing that some private data might be transmitted to me (this is just a standard procedure and no data is given away, but I’m required by the German law for protection of data privacy to check your agreement to that).

Do not hesitate to contact me! I’m fluent in English and I’d be really glad to hear from you!

So, on to the next point: You can find my contact data in the ‚Impressum‘ of my website. So if there is any need to get in touch with me other than the regular contact form, there’s all information you need.

What else? I’m currently working on the translation of my debut novel ‚Tumor‘, a mystery-thriller mixed with some horror. It takes quite some time for me to do that, considering that I’m translating in my spare time. I’m still working full-time as an author. I try to keep you updated, but it’ll take me some time to get it done.

If, by any means and as unlikely as it might be, you’re working for a publishing house or an agency, I am open to business cooperation considering the translation, publication and other use of my books on the international market.